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SBS 2003 SQL 2005 creating an instance problem

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  • SBS 2003 SQL 2005 creating an instance problem

    body {padding:0;margin:0;}I had a instance MSSMLBIZ that Business contact manager's database used and it was also shared with Microsoft Office Accounting and working well on a Small Business Server 2003 Premium with 8 clients....

    I uninstalled MOA from the server and without too much thinking I left the tick box to uninstall the instance MSSMLBIZ as well (it was late at night!)

    When I try to add a new instance to SQL I continue through the setup ... Registration info,,, then the next page "components to install" is missing and it continues to "feature selection" so it won't give me the option to install a new instance!

    Selecting "change" in add and remove components or using setup.exe on the installation cd gives me the same result

    Help please... big help!

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    Re: SBS 2003 SQL 2005 creating an instance problem

    Could you try uninstalling then reinstalling BCM, then restore the BCM Database to the MSSMLBIZ instance (you do have a backup, don't you. I mean BCM gives you the opportunity to create one. )
    Have you seen the White Paper on installing BCM and MOA on SBS? I can't find the links just now, but a quick search should provide them.

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