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Connecting 2 NICs on SBS2008

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  • Connecting 2 NICs on SBS2008

    I have DELL Server PE2900 with two Intel-ExtremeII-GIGA NICs. MY OS is SBS2008 Premium. I have also 2 Switches (3COM) of Giga Speed one on each floor. Can I connect One NIC to the Switch on the first floor, and the Other NIC to the second Switch on the second floor . ???
    I know that SBS2008 does not support 2 NICs, Also I cannot TEAM the two NICs becuse SBS2008 does not support teaming. I need to work with 2 NICs and Two Switchs in one Network so each segment sees the other segment and share the same resources in the office.
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    Re: Connecting 2 NICs on SBS2008

    MOVED to Where ???????


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      Re: Connecting 2 NICs on SBS2008

      Well, you just posted to it so just scroll up and see what Forum it is in.

      Did you read the links provided in this thread? If you did then you will know your Teaming comment is not true. Your post says that it is not possible. The key phrase is Not Supported, which means it can be done but it is not offficially supported by Microsoft.

      Are your 2 switches on the same subnet? If so then I you could remove or disable one NIC, purchase a 5 or 8 port mini switch, connect the 1 "allowable" NIC to mini switch and connect the 2 x 3Com switch to the mini switch. Both 3Coms will now connect to 1 NIC on SBS2008.

      Using the appropriate info from the other links provide in the above link you may also be able to Team the 2 SBS2008 NICs into the mini switch (scroll down to Sean Daniel's post in the link Teiger provided).

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        Re: Connecting 2 NICs on SBS2008

        The two switches are bridged now and connected to ONE NIC. that means one NIC is disabled and waisted !!!!! . Wont be better to improve the network traffic if I use both NIC's ??? If each NIC is connected to different Switch. How can I config the two NIC's . can the server have two IP's and how they see each other and the gatway.

        I have done teaming of the two NIC's and it works fine, but if I ran the utlity FIX my Network on the console, it disable the two NIC's and disable the DNS and the DHCP. a complete mess ???? so teaming is not good for SBS ????