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Corrupt AD database (EBS 2008) since BSOD

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  • Corrupt AD database (EBS 2008) since BSOD


    I know, it's EBS 2008 and not SBS, but I hope you will be able to help me

    A week ago the Messaging virtual machine (Hyper-V) gave a blue screen and restarted.
    Since then every day (once or twice a day) users aren't able to log in to their computers. What happens is that in all the user objects the "Log Into" value is set to only the registered servers in the domain. Where normally the option "All Computers" should be selected.

    There is an AD service on both the Messaging server and the Management Server.

    All this is happening on a test server at home (but I do use it every day for my personal computers, so it's very annoying).

    I already tried the following things:
    - Changing the setting to all computers for the 4 users on the messaging server. This gets replicated to management server.
    - Same thing on management server and then being replicated to messaging server.
    - Tried adding the users' computer instead of allowing all.
    - Booted the messaging server in ad restore mode and used ntds to do a integration check and semantic check.

    The semantic check gives some warning output, but i don't know what to do with it.

    dsdit.dmp.1.txt is non verbose
    dsdit.dmp.2.txt is verbose mode

    I really hope this problem gets solved,
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    Re: Corrupt AD database (EBS 200 since BSOD


    not sure if you still have the problem but we had this recently. The issue started about a month after installation and is caused by licensing. When you install the licenses on the EBS server you also need to assign then to either users or devices. If you don't then the server will set all user account to only be able to log on to licensed devices which by default is the Management Server, Security Server and Messaging server plus any other servers in the directory. To resolve this log on to the Essential Business Server Management console on the Management Server and go to Licensing. Once in there you will need to assign licenses to either User Accounts or Computers, depending on the type purchased, by right clicking on the User/Computer and selecting Assign License.
    Once this is done reset all of the user account to Logon To "All Computers" and once the system re-checks licenses the users will be able to log on to the correct devices.

    Hopefully this helps you out, it certainly did for us.

    - Rob


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      Re: Corrupt AD database (EBS 200 since BSOD


      this could very well be my problem too. It just happened to show up after the BSOD, which made me look in the wrong way

      Do you know if it is possible to use the standard License Keys from the computers themselfs?


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        Re: Corrupt AD database (EBS 200 since BSOD

        The license key must be the ones that were purchase/supplied with the original software. The ones that come with the servers or workstations will not suffice. I believe that EBS only comes with one CAL and not 5 like SBS or the standard server OS.

        Let me know if I can help further

        - Rob