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SBS 08: OWA link from RWW fails with new cert

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  • SBS 08: OWA link from RWW fails with new cert

    Hi all,

    Outlook Anywhere wasn't working with the certificate that 2008 sbs had (I'm not sure if it was a generated one, or a migrated one from the sbs '03 box). So anyway, I went into the exchange shell, and generated a self-signed cert with a more comprehensive list of domains in it, and lo and behold OA started to work.

    BUT: now when users log in to RWW, when they click on the email link, they get the following error message:

    "There is a problem in Remote Web Workplace. A logon error occurred: There is a problem communicating with the Outlook Web Access Server..

    To access the external Web applications that Remote Web Workplace uses, log on manually. Contact the person who provides technical support for your network."

    When you click to clear that, the OWA page opens anyway, but at the login page. Weird.

    The only thing this can be is the certificates - so what did I miss? I'm reluctant to re-issue a certificate because that means everyone has to reinstall it, and OA might break again! Any thoughts?

    Many thanks for your help,