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Certificate error Mismatched Address

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  • Certificate error Mismatched Address

    I connected two workstations to my server SBS2008 (new installation). They connect fine. But, When I connect to OWA https:\\domain.local\owa the OWA works but with error that says: (Mismated Address - The security certifiate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address ....)
    The certicate is appled by the server connection http:\\connect . Do I need to create a new selfsigned certificate ??? is so, how do I installed it on the 2 pc's.

    from the snapin of certificates on the server there is no option to export the certificate.

    PS.. I have ran the fix my network several times... I have read that this function create a new self signed certificate every time it is ran. Do I need to export the new created certificate to other pC's every time I ran the Fix My network function, ? if so, how do I export it to the PC station.

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    Re: Certificate error Mismatched Address

    I believe you need to import the certificate in to the local machine's Trusted Root Authorities store.

    Go to Run.

    Type 'MMC'.

    File, Add/Remove Snap In.

    Click 'Add'.


    Click 'Add'.

    Choose 'Computer Account'.

    Next, Finish.

    Click Close and Ok.

    Expand 'Certificates' and right click on 'Trusted Root Certification Authorites'.

    All Tasks, Import.

    Follow the prompts.