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SBS 2008 - Encrypted Backups

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  • SBS 2008 - Encrypted Backups

    Hi guys,

    As part of my new SBS 2008 install I configured backups to two externally attached usb hard disks as the backup tool expects. This is working great and backing up everything correctly. However due to the nature of our business I have enabled bitlocker encryption on the c and the other internal data drives in case the server is stolen. The encryption keys are held off site in a vault. However I then realised that the backups are written unencrypted to the usb backup drives. This is a problem as one of our staff members is taking one off site on an alternating basis and I need to ensure that the data on the drive can not be accessed if the usb drives are stolen. Also the external drives are physically with the server to perform the backup - someone would only have to steal the usb drives to get the data unencrypted and they could leave the server behind - as it's a lot heavier ! Can I detach the usb drives, reformat them and then apply bitlocker encryption on those usb drives and then tell the backup wizard to use the usb drives as fixed attached drives with drive letters ? Or does anyone have a better idea of how to take encrypted backups on external USB drives ?



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    Re: SBS 2008 - Encrypted Backups

    You can bitlocker the usb drives. I would use the command line interfaces of
    cscript \windows\system32\manage-bde.wsf -?

    and you will also need to give the drives letters in diskmgmt.msc

    You can use the -automount feature too so you don't have to type the keys in every time.