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sbs2000-Can't send mail with pop3

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  • sbs2000-Can't send mail with pop3

    I have server sbs2000
    I created a new user
    I add this user to my outlook as pop3
    now i have 2 accounts
    first is the xchange
    The second is the pop3
    I can't send email buy using the pop3 account (only inside the office)
    Do i need to open any port to pop3?
    Or do i need to make any change in the server?

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    Re: sbs2000-Can't send mail with pop3

    Do you have an "Accounts" button on your Outlook compose mail form, or does it only send by Exchange. You should not need to open any ports in th eoutbound direction, but I am not sure what you are trying to do. Is the POP3 account an external account at your ISP, Yahoo or GMail?. Pleas give a fuller description of what you ar etrying to achieve if you want us to help you.

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      Re: sbs2000-Can't send mail with pop3

      The both accounts are accounts of the domain
      user1 & user2
      I log in the system as user1
      In the outlook i configred 2 acounts
      user1 i configre it as exchange
      user2 i configred as pop3
      So when i want to send an email i can select to send by user1 or user2
      But i can't send by user2 to outside the domain