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distributing emails with pop3 connector

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  • distributing emails with pop3 connector

    Hi all...
    I've installed fresh copy of SBS2008.
    in the past we had here a SBS2000 with ex2k+pop3 connector that userd to get our company's mail from our ISP: using a single mailbox on our ISP that had our domain MX record.. all the pop3 connector had left to do is deliver the emails to the specific user mailbox on our server.
    IN SBS2008 I understand that I use the "smart host for internet E-mail" in order to send out Email
    in order to recieve e-mails from my single account on my ISP and deliver it to each user's mailbox, I understand that I have to use the pop3 connector,
    but when I try to configure it I see that the only way to configure it is by connecting one user to one mailbox on our ISP..
    am I right?
    is that pop3 connector built for that task?

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    Re: distributing emails with pop3 connector

    These are worth looking at.

    You can use pop 3 to connect to a smart host or to an Exchanger Server (SBS 2008 in your case)
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      Re: distributing emails with pop3 connector

      This is information for Exchange 2003, but I think it's the same for 2008:

      The key to what you want to do is the "Mailbox type" of the POP3 mailbox configuration.
      You'll only need to enter one POP3 mailbox via the Add... button on the Mailboxes tab of the POP3 connector. You fill in the email server, mailbox, user, password and then choose "Mailbox type" of "Global Mailbox" (instead of "User Mailbox"). Finish off with the email domain you are retrieving and it should automatically deliver mail to the Exchange mailbox, matching to the email addresses in the AD user accounts.