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password policy settings are locked

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  • password policy settings are locked

    I installed a new sbs2008. all good with the installation.
    Now i need to creat users and my client does not want complex passwords.

    I go to start > administrative tools > local security policy > account policies > password policy. all options are grayed out and icons have a small "lock" icon on them.

    same thing when accessing through gpedit.msc and rsop.msc

    i am logged in as administrator.


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    Re: password policy settings are locked

    You need to use GPMC. You should see an appriate named policy there you can configure/change. That is disabled as it is the local Secrity Policy for the server. As it is a DC, it won't have local User accounts for logging on interactively (physically at the termnal without going through Safe Mode)


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      Re: password policy settings are locked

      Hey virtual!!

      Thanks allot!

      That was it.

      This is how i did it. (for others with the same question)

      Start > Run > gpmc.msc

      Right click "Default Domain Policy" > Edit

      Expand: Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy

      You will see the password policies.

      Double click on one of them and change to your need!

      You may need to run gpupdate for a fast group policy update.

      Thank's again to VIRTUAL
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        Re: password policy settings are locked

        So your client is lazy to remember his password.
        Hmmm.... I've so my own thoughts about it.
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          Re: password policy settings are locked

          I have just installed SBS 2008 and setup a new domain. I am logged in as a domain admin but I cannot change several policies including any password policy in the Local Security Policy. There is a lock next to certain policies and I cannot make any changes with those. I have also noticed that I can create new OUs in AD but cannot delete them. It says I do not have permissions.

          HI Big0
          The instructions are quit clear, but there is still a lock icon beside the security settings that prevent me from saving the changes to the password policy. These options are locked and cannot be changed even if I am loged in as Administrator.


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            Re: password policy settings are locked

            Asslam. You shouldn't hijack somebody else's thread. Hopefully, somebody will move it.

            (1) Your question regarding local Group Policy is answered below. As the SBS box is now a DC, local group policy will not be applicable. You need to open GPMC on the SBS box via Administrattive Tools.

            (2) With regards to the OU deletion. When you created the OUs, was there a tick in the 'protect container from accidental deletion'? If so, you need to remove that before you can delete. The same applies to objects, which also includes moving them to another OU or area.

            In AD Users and Computers, go to View, Advanced Features.

            Go to the properties of the OU you want to delete.

            Click on the 'object' tab.

            Remove the tick from the 'protect object from accidental deletion' check box.
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              Re: password policy settings are locked

              Sorry did not mean to Haijack ??? just to say I have the same problem.

              I did use the gpmc from the administation tools on the SBS2008. When I try to change the password policy settings, I get an error that the policy canot be saved (GptTmpl.inf). Also there is lock icon beside the Security settings .
              The same problem on two different servers.


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                Re: password policy settings are locked

                Check to see if SBS has a wizard for setting password policy.