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New SBS 2008 setup, workstations have on Internet access

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  • New SBS 2008 setup, workstations have on Internet access

    I was hoping somoene might b able help/answer a few quesitons based on the above.

    I am in process of providing a SBS 2008 installation for a client. First time going through it.

    Now they are currently on a Peer to Peer system where they have a Netgear router providing DHCP and internet, and just using an XP machine as a central file store.

    They ar enow moving upto the SBS 2008 for a better system and more functionality.

    I did the intsallation, went through the Internet Connection Wizard and the Setup Internet Address.

    The server has naturally demanded to be the DHCP server which I can understand so the PC's (not on the domain yet as Server needs to be configured fully first)
    The Server DHCP gives all Workstations, an IP address - Great
    It gives them the correct gateway of
    it gives them the DNS of (which is the serer) This is understandable as that needs to try resolve domains first.

    The problem is none of these workstations can access the Internet.
    The server can without any problem, yet the worstatiosn can't.

    Actually to be more specific the Workstations can access the internet if you know the IP address of the computer, (as I connected to my home computer from their office, via IP)
    However domain names will not resolve (this also includes the internal domain of http://connect)

    I then tried to set up the Forwarding in the DNS console as I assumed that it was likely that this Root idea to resolve IP's wasn;t the best way, considering routers use the ISP DNS
    So i setup forwarding to the ISPs' DNS.
    The server continued to work perfectly wihtout any problem

    The workstations still will not resolve.

    The workstations can see the server both by IP and by Computer Name.

    So the questions are;
    1. is this what was happening to the person who said they wouldn;t access the net until they were part of the domain (i assume with a licesned user using the pc to connect to the server?)

    2. Surely its unrealistic to say no guest computers can use the interent, for instance they will want devices there that can access the net, that do not log into SBS 2008, (for instance PDAs, Blackberries, etc)
    All of these devices should be allowed to get DHCP settings from the server, the DNS settings and be able to browse the internet freely wihtout even needing to bother about SBS 2008. TO demand everyhting has to connect to SBS 2008 is ineffieince and a waste of resources and more of a security risk due to the fact something may just want to access the net, and not even think about the server as this is how all routers work.

    Further as I have said they have got internet access its just like the forwarding isn't working, to pass over the request for the domain name to be resolved to an IP for the website to be loded.

    3. Anyone experienced this and know how to fix it?



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    Re: New SBS 2008 setup, workstations have on Internet access

    Please, always start a new thread for your question and never hijack another members one.

    Have you joined the workstations to the SBS2008 domain using the Wizard?
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