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  • Help with licensing questions

    Hey Professionals,

    Need some questions answered.

    Here is the scenario.

    Have a client with sbs 2003 prem domain server

    they also have windows server standard 2003 as a member server.

    they are getting some programmers to come in and install a new sql database.

    now officially these two servers are yet to be commissioned but i would like to get ahead of things and be a good boyscout and be prepared.

    The sql database suppliers have suggested that the database be located on the domain server and terminal service cals be installed on the member server so users can via RDC log into the member server to then access the database.

    My questions are:

    1 - Once I install the T/S License's to the member server what needs to be setup on the domain server for the users to access the database which will reside on it?

    2 - Why would the sql boys not just keep the database on the member server instead?

    3 - why would they have decided to dump the database onto the domain server?

    PS. Not kissing behinds here but you guys and this forum are a life saver.

    Well done to the creators.

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    Re: the newbie needs help again

    I assume that there will be some kind of program or interface used to access the SQL database, so that will need to be installed on the member server with terminal services.

    You don't really want terminal services installed on a DC for reasons I am sure you understand.

    If the SQL server resided on the same machine as the Program/Interface used to access it, there would be a security vulnerability. Also, it may require a remote connection to a SQL server.

    The main reason to install SQL server locally is usually in a test environment or using SQL Express Edition, which then has to be installed locally.


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      Re: Help with licensing questions

      1. create an ODBC link with the SQL dB
      2. check answer virual
      3. on the SBS you have a licensed SQL server running, thats probably why they will put the dB there.