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  • Internet Issues

    I have a server running SBS 2003. A while ago now I started having problems with my browsers. When ever I try to browse the internet with either IE or firefox it immediately says "The page cannot be displayed" for IE and "The connection was reset" for FF.

    I've checked every setting I can think of. Reinstalled both browsers. Turned off all anti-virus/firewalls temporarily. I can ping via FQDN and ip just fine. Just seems to be applications lke IE, FF and my AVG that cant connect. For what its worth I cant connect to a site with either browser by ip either.

    I've checked all settings on the router and rebooted it as well. No other users on the network have this issue and this server runs exchange and is operating just fine except for this issue.

    Just curious if anyone has run into this themselves and could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Internet Issues

    Do you use a Proxy server at all?

    Have you checked the LAN settings in Internet Options under Connections Tab?

    Is there a tick in 'Automatically detect settings'? That has effected internet surfing for me on other computers in the past depending on the internet setup.


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      Re: Internet Issues

      Thanks for the reply.

      Nope. No proxy server and I dont have any checkboxes ticked under the connections tab.

      This server sits off a 24 port switch that connects it as well as the other pcs to a Linksys router to link them to the net. Nothing fancy going on here just a run of the mill network. It used to work just fine. Could a windows update have caused a glitch?