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cant add licenses to sbs2000

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  • cant add licenses to sbs2000

    my SBS2000 is "stuck" with 5 Cal's from the day it was purchased.
    even I follow the SBS Administrator Console as for adding more licenses
    I find myself in a state that the Floppy disk provided by Microsoft deliveres error massage when I start the "add more SBS clients wizard"
    Microsoft claim they have no other way to add the client licenses I purchased
    to my SBS2000
    is this the end of the way of my SBS2000 ???
    ugrade is the only solution?

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    Re: cant add licenses to sbs2000

    You say you get an error message, but don't say what the error message is.

    So we can't really help you...

    Have you contacted whoever supplied you with the disk?
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      Re: cant add licenses to sbs2000

      There is a known hack which I have occasionally used ONLY for clients which have bought the licenses and have had difficulty installing them. Tell me where you are located and I will check if I have someone I trust that can link up with you to do it.

      Alternatively, I could work with you if you give me remote access.

      Having said that, is there a good reason that you are NOT upgrading. After all we are talking about a business system that was written over 10 years ago BEFORE the Trustworthy Computing initiative

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        Re: cant add licenses to sbs2000

        Hi all,
        thanks for your reply,
        as for you r question "gforceindustries" I wrote that I had a long conversation with Microsoft Israel, they take their hands back by Saying that the SBS2000
        is no longer in service, so I cant get help about the problem,
        I also cant get my money back for all the SBS2003 CAL's I've bought according to their support personnel.
        I can use some help by remote access using VPN+RDP..
        many thanks


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          Re: cant add licenses to sbs2000

          another thing..
          while attempting to read from tha External Floppy Drive (I've bought
          specially for that ocasion) I get a "disk read error"
          I wonder why.. because the diskette is only 8 years old...
          I can copy the diskette to another but same error massage bumps again.
          anyway you cant get another copy From Microsoft of that disk according to Microsoft...
          and you dont have a second way to deal with adding more licenses beside the
          SBS2000 "add more clients" wizard...


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            Re: cant add licenses to sbs2000

            Just one note :

            After using the disk to install licenses on the sbs2k, the disk it's "burned" and can't be used again on this or other sbs2k server.

            Sorry to tell if you have this situation.
            Exists some "trick" but I'm afraid it's not legal.

            Maybe MS can't provide another disk to replace, but I'm not sure if MS can do this because the end of support for sbs2k.