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SBS 2003 n/w problem

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  • SBS 2003 n/w problem

    Hi All,

    I have sbs 2003 with 10 clients.The problem is that when the users are logged in before turing on the sbs server they cant access the shared folders in the server.If they reboot their clients they can able to access the server shares. Why this is happening?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,,....Thanks,

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    Re: SBS 2003 n/w problem

    Are the machines configured to synchronise the users' profiles so that they're available offline?

    Are the clients joined to the domain?

    What OS are the clients running?

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      Re: SBS 2003 n/w problem

      You usually keep a server powered up and don't tend to power it off. Though some do to save power today.

      However, if you are saying you want the clients to access the data and keep the SBS server off, you will need to configure Offline Files.

      As the users are currently logged on and the server is powered off, any mapped drives would have become disconnected, so either you can manually map back to the network shares on the server, once it is on and fully booted, or you restart the client PCs, which will make the network drives map once again.

      Configuring Offline files should allow this to be an automatic process.


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        Re: SBS 2003 n/w problem

        All clients are running windows xp sp2 and also jonined to the domain.I have not mapped network drives and not configured the offline files. I am not able to access the share in the domain when the client user login first and then start the server and a rebooting the client will solve everything.

        I think you get me...