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SBS2003 to W2KSRV 2003 new hardware

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  • SBS2003 to W2KSRV 2003 new hardware

    Ok here's the scenario I have this client with the following setup in different geographic locations.

    2 forests 1 DC with W2K3SRV and the other DC SBS2003. both servers independent.
    the 2 forests are connected via a WAN.

    Now they want to replace SBS2003 with new hardware and W2K3SRV.
    What's the easiest way I could do all the migration along with minimum downtime. How long would this process take? My suggestion is as below, pls tell me is it appropriate?

    I do an ADPrep /forestprep for the SBS ?

    1. run a dcpromo on the new server along with DNS, Wins, dhcp etc. since the domain name remains the same I can add this as an additional DC in an exisiting domain right? as the domain name wouldn't change.

    2. I need to transfer all the AD users from SBS via ADMT right? will ADMT transfer the SID history too with no problems?
    then I need to transfer the global catalogue as well from the SBS on to the new server?

    what about all the users policies?

    transfer the fsmo roles with ntdsutil

    will a copy paste of the users data work to migrate to new server?

    finally demote SBS server.

    I know there are lots of questions here but basically you understand the situation, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SBS2003 to W2KSRV 2003 new hardware

    There are only two ways of doing this.

    Create a new domain on the new box and then migrate SBS 2003 to it. You won't be able to transfer FSMO roles from SBS 2003 to windows 2003 r2.

    Purchase and use the SBS 2003 transition pack. This will convert the SBS box to W2k3 Standard or whatever version you need.

    If you go down the transition route, make sure that you add the new box as an additional DC to start with. Also make it a GC. If the transition fails, it did with mine, you can use that DC to transfer the roles to it. You will have to seize the roles, so you wouldn't be able to bring the SBS box back on the domain.

    Of course, omce transitioned, you then can wipe the new box, when you are happy everything is working ok, and join it to the domain and then transfer FSMO roles. The old SBS box can then be used as a backup DC if you wish or removed.

    You can then look in to moving files across. I believe robocopy copies the permissions across as well.

    Transitioning allows you to use the SBS cals for Exchange, Windows etc. Migrating doesn't, so you'll have to purchase the appropriate CALS.

    With regards to SID filtering, as long as you disable SID filtering, it should allow you to do so though it may not be relevant to your situation.

    The below gives you links to relevant guides.
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