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BSOD when copying files over Remote Desktop

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  • BSOD when copying files over Remote Desktop


    I administer several SBS 2003 R2 servers, and on two of them I am having a ridiculous problem that causes some serious headaches.

    I can connect to the servers using Remote Desktop as always, everything works, *until* the moment I try to save a file over a network folder, *or* a local folder on my laptop redirected through Remote Desktop, the server *instantly* crashes, gives the infamous BSOD and reboots shortly after.

    Initially, I had Windows dump the memory trace to disk, but since I do not know how to analyse a dump I disabled the option and just let the server reboot.

    I have searched the Internet, there are several people with this problem but *no* answers...

    Can anyone help out? This problem is *ridiculous*, I worked with Remote Desktop several years and now this happens..


    Ivo Pereira
    IT Consultant

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    Re: BSOD when copying files over Remote Desktop

    Try using the standard VGA driver on the server instead of the manufacturer's video driver. I set all my terminal servers to use the standard VGA driver and 16 bit color.