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2008 SBS and Terminal Services

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  • 2008 SBS and Terminal Services

    I am just jumping into the 2008 server world as the hardware was considered unnecessary until recently. Now, I have to play catchup and have a couple of things to tackle immediately.

    I just started looking at Virtual Server and Hyper-V and am trying to ascertain the differences betwen the two. But, before I even go that route I have one really big question to answer because it may eliminate one or both options. Here goes:
    Brand new domain structure using Server 2008 SBS as PDC
    Using second Server 2008 license for a Terminal Server
    Installing virtual environment on PDC and running the Terminal Server on the virtual machine

    Can I do this - is it even possible (and supported by Microsoft)? Personally, I'd say negative but the sales manager wants to sell several of these. He says its easier to sell one server that will handle everything instead of 2 separate servers.

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    Re: 2008 SBS, Terminal Services, and physical hardware

    Here is a better explanation of the scenario:

    My sales manager wants to start selling SBS2008 Premium and then install the second second Server 2008 license as a terminal server. I know that this is exactly what it was designed to do but he wants to do it all on one physical machine. He wants to run the second 2008 installation (the terminal server) on a virtual machine that is installed on the SBS server.

    First, has anyone tried this? Second, is this environment supported by Microsoft? I cannot find the answer anywhere and I don't want to waste my time with it if it is not supported.


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      Re: 2008 SBS and Terminal Services

      What you are looking for is on the SBS Blog (where else?) and Technet. Basically it says you put all or nothing on Hyper-V. Hyper-V on SBS is no supported (akes a messof DNS/DHCPor something like that!)

      Tell your sales manager I will now be glad to sign an agreement for 1.5% of SBS Premium sales
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