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itprosbsconsole.msc and mmc errors

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  • itprosbsconsole.msc and mmc errors

    We have a clients SBS server that after a recent update has started behaving erratically on the console and via RDC.

    Mainly the icon pictures are missing. the cursor keeps disappearing as do icons an texts in applications.

    we reinstalled the admin pack which took an age. this seemed to make the server more unresponsive so it was removed and reinstalled which took a couple of minutes. still with the same error

    The server works fine for clients, ie services logons, file and print etc. however the 'shell' appears to be bugged or corrupt. we ran a virus checker but all we found nothing.

    In the end we called microsoft who also believed it is a virus. they left one care running to check for malware as they believed the characteristics and behavure of the shell was that of a virus.

    i just wondered if anyone has seen this before or can suggest things to try. its quite urgent as its a live server.

    From looking at the event logs the server was ok for a good hour after a reboot for the windows update. then a 3rd party software company connected in via VNC and worked on there software for 20 mins before disconnecting. immediatly after they disconnected the system log is full of red X warnings as if they have done something or transmitted a virus over vnc by mistake?

    thanks for your help in advance.
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