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Upgrading MSDE SQL to SP4

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  • Upgrading MSDE SQL to SP4

    I hope this is the right forum as this is SBS related. I am trying to upgrade MSDE version 8.00.761. It is the MSQL Server Desktop Engine for Sophos AV software. Essentially, I need to upgrade it to SP4 so I can install PureMessage 3.0.2. Since it's technicially a Microsoft product (MSQL) being installed on an SBS system, I figured it would be Microsofoft and SBS related first a foremost. Here is what I've done and what happens:

    I go to the following website for the download:

    I download the following file:


    I extract the file in the default directory which is C:\SQL2KSP4

    I stop the appropriate SQL instance in Services (it is labled as MSSQL$SOPHOS)

    I open the command prompt and browse to the directory and type in the following:

    setup /upgradesp sqlrun INSTANCENAME=SOPHOS SAPWD=password

    This starts the installation in which it usually runs and then after a little bit of time, completes on its own. From there, you can check the version in Add/Remove programs for the MSDE Sophos program and it will then show as 8.00.2039 which denotes that SP4 has been installed.

    I've done this procedure a number of times without any problems but I have recently come across instances where it is not working. The process never seems to complete and the upgrade isn't successful. It will still show a version of 8.00.761. In one case, I'm pretty sure it worked, I checked the version number and it was 8.00.2039 but when I checked it again, it was back to 8.00.761. Weird.

    If anyone has any ideas or have experienced this, please advise. Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Upgrading MSDE SQL to SP4

    I've come across this a few times myself, and it's always upgrading from Pure Message 2 to 3 that I see it. Sophos tech support obviously see it a hell of a lot too from the conversations I've had with them.

    It's very annoying that when you run the MSDE upgrade through Microsoft Update it appears to work and you would assume it upgrades everything, but if you have multiple instances (E.g. for sharepoint or Backup Exec) it only upgrades what it considers to be the default instance.

    No chance that anything will be done about it though, seeing as MSDE has been replaced by SQL 2005 Express.
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      Re: Upgrading MSDE SQL to SP4

      Just as an update, I wanted to let anyone who comes across this know that my solution was to just upgrade MSDE to MSQL Server Express 2005 using the following article:

      Download site is here:

      SQL Express 2005 requires .NET 2.0 here:

      Once the upgrade was complete, I was able to install Sophos PureMessage and it future proofed the installation if we upgrade the client to PureMessage 3.0.2. It's a much easier and cleaner process then trying to upgrade MSDE to SP4.