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Cancelling SBS 2003 migration?

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  • Cancelling SBS 2003 migration?

    Hi hope some one can help me here,

    I have started a migration of our SBS 2003 server onto new hardware following Microsoftís paper however have I been hitting obstacles the whole way through and my time is running out to get it finished before the original sever shuts down after the 7 days of joining the new server to the domain.

    Is it possible to just undo all the changes that I have done, demote and remove the new server so I am back at the beginning with just the old server running?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Re: Cancelling SBS 2003 migration?

    Can you link the document and what stage you are at?

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      Re: Cancelling SBS 2003 migration?

      Oh well! Cheesy9 came in, made one post and disappeared. Since his 7 days are up, either he found a solution or is deep in doo-dah. Pity! If he had stuck around, he would have learned that one of the laest Microsoft Updates extends the grace period from 7-30 days. It is meant for SBS 2003-2008 migrations, but who cares how we use it.

      But then again mayb he found it out and so is less stressed. If only these "single posters" would call back in sometimes......


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