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  • sbs2k

    I have sbs 2k working as domain controller and file server.

    Because of shifting now we have bradband connection with wireless router with dynamic IP provided by our ISP

    How do i setup internet connection on this for server and all the workstations connected to domain?

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    Re: sbs2k

    Use the CEICW. Default Gateway may need to be added (or changed) in DHCP to point to the Router.

    If you want more answers then you will need to provide more info. Thanks.
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      Re: sbs2k

      Suggest you try services like dyndns and tzo to ive you exteernal access on dynamic IP - or get a business class static IP

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        Re: sbs2k

        Infect the case is like this.

        I have sbs 2k which work as domain controller.

        I would like to connect all the member servers and domain controller to ineternet.

        Internet connection is ADSL type with DHCP enabled router.

        The IP address given by ISP is dynamic not static.

        When I login from any one of the workstation to my domain I can access files and printers now i would like to connect the workstatations and my domain controller to internet.

        How the configuration can be carried out?

        If you would like to have further information please let me know.



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          Re: sbs2k

          As Biggles already told you, use the CEICW, and set DHCP to point your clients to the SBS box as the default gateway.

          If you're saying that that didn't work for you, then you need to make that clear to us.
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            Re: sbs2k


            That's fine it starts working now.