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Problem with Monitoring & Reporting service

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  • Problem with Monitoring & Reporting service

    hi everyone and a happy new year 2009.

    i have an SBS 2003 and lately i began having problem with the Monitoring & Reporting - each time i'm going into i have an error of displaying the page like an explorer error page. it says i need to check the disk space or the memory but both ok and enough.

    in the log file ,the error(no error number) says it's related to the sql , but excpet a MSSQL(the service is well started) i don't have an sql installed.

    any idea anyone please ???

    p.s : when receiving a mail of the monitoring it arrives also with the error page.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Problem with Monitoring & Reporting service

    Can you actually post the error as it may be relevant.

    What AV are you running and does it have the correct exclusions?
    Not quite relevant but there are links to re-installing the monitoring component.

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      Re: Problem with Monitoring & Reporting service

      Check IIS mate,

      Usually because the website related to monitoring has been set to a specific IP, should be on all unassigned (then iisreset). You may need to reinstall reporting after this too. If you dont want to set to all unassigned you can try adding to the website.

      Also can be related to WSUS if you have it installed, make sure you meet min requirements and your database hasnt grown massive (just download relevent locales) There is loads of info on this if you google it.