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Best way to share contacts and have shared mailbox

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  • Best way to share contacts and have shared mailbox


    I want to achieve the following:
    1. A way that users can all have access to a shared mailbox ([email protected]), where they can all send messages as [email protected] and view the emails that are sent to that mailbox.

    2. Setup a shared contacts folder, so everyone uses the same folder, one list that is always available.

    What is the best (or recommended) ways to set this up? For 1. should i create a mail enabled public folder, or create a new user called Sales giving everyone permission to their mailbox or use SharePoint? Or what?

    For 2. i notice SBS creates a CompanyName Contacts Public folder. Is that what i should be using? Or again something to do with SharePoint?

    (By the way, can anyone tell me what the CompanyName Archive public folder is for? Does ALL the companies email get archived there?)

    Thanks for any help.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Best way to share contacts and have shared mailbox

    Contacts can be shared via Sharepoint or Public Folder whichever you prefer.
    For a group mailbox, I tend to public folder, but look through the following articles for the pros and cons of each strategy:
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