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IIS / default website SBS2003

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  • IIS / default website SBS2003

    Hi there,

    Right, I have a small problem.

    earlier today i found out that someone had been messing around on the SBS2003 server, as result that the default settings for the IIS were all messed up.

    It seems that the IIS had been deinstalled and installed again.

    Now I know that when you do a fresh install of SBS2003, the default installation of IIS contains some default options like remote access and options to configure the "companyweb"

    Now all these options don't seem to work anymore, and if I look in IIS, the default webs aren't available either.

    I have tried the following to restore the default installation of IIS, but with no luck.

    Start --> settings --> control panel --> add / remove programs --> add / remove windows component.

    I deselected the checkbox for the IIS within the application server.
    So this should deinstall IIS entirely.

    After that I rebooted the server.
    Did the same, but then selected to install IIS. It asked me for the SBS2003 CD, provided it, and installation proceeded.

    Now when going to
    start --> program files --> administrative tools --> server management...
    you get the options to configure the settings for your "companyweb"

    My question is, how can I install IIS so it will have the same settings as if it would be a fresh install?

    I really hope someone can help me on this.

    Thank you for reading and kind regards,

    Jorge Valencia

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    Right, i appologize.

    After a bit more research I found the sollution on the following site:;en-us;887305


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      Well found JS and thanks for posting a link to the solution. It is appreciated.
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        I came accross one more small problem.

        Before reinstalling IIS through the solution provided above, it's best to make a backup of the entire system.

        Just in case.

        The problem i came accross was the following:

        After using the solution provided by microsoft, I found myself wondering why my OWA didn't work anymore.
        You will also notice that POP3 isn't accessable anymore, and some services will not start.

        To solve this problem do the following:

        Point to start --> control panel, then click on: add / remove programs.

        Scroll down and open Windows Small Business Server 2003 (click change / remove)

        In the setup program click Next.
        Click next again, and then on the arrow next to the Exchange options.
        Select Reinstall.

        Keep in mind you need the 2nd CD from the SBS 2003 installation set.

        Finish the installation, reboot the system and all should work fine again.