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sbs server pop/smtp issues

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  • sbs server pop/smtp issues

    hello all, i am sorry if i am re-posting this but my issue seems slightly different. I am a tech for a production company in southern california and i have a weird issue on one of my servers...

    i am running server 2003 r2 with sbs and isa 2004 with exchange. i am trying to setup the server to allow outside sales reps to connect via pop/smtp but i cannot seem to get this right. (server has been setup for years serving email to the inner netwrok)

    So far i can send email (port 25) but i cannot receive email (port 110). i have tried everything i can think of including hours of google research and time. please advise... thank you!!

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    Re: sbs server pop/smtp issues

    nevermind i figured it out, if anyone actually needs help with this, email me at joel AT


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      Re: sbs server pop/smtp issues

      Maybe you could post your findings here so that others could learn from it too?
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        Re: sbs server pop/smtp issues


        So lets back up a bit, here is the system i am using;

        DC running Server 2003 R2, ISA 2004, Exchange and SBS Premium.

        ISA is running stock with NO rules added (important)

        Lets say you have configured your server to run the pop3 service and you ARE able to telnet from outside your network and be able to connect to both ports 25 and 110 successfully, but when you try and connect to the server with a mail client you receive errors on port 110. This is what i did to solve my problem.

        On the Exchange account for that user, go to its properties...then click the "Exchange General" tab. Make sure your Alias is set to what you use as your Account Name when logging into something like Outlook Web Access. In other words, if your company has email set up with "firstname.lastname" as your alias, yet your account login name is actually "firstinitiallastname", you might have an issue with the account login name you're trying to use. For your POP3 setup, you'll need to make sure your Account Name matches what you have as your Alias on that Exchange General tab. If that doesn't work, then change your Alias to match what you have on the "User logon name" on the Account tab.

        Let me know if this works...I can email you print screens if this doesn't make sense...