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SBS 2008 Best Practise Analysis

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  • SBS 2008 Best Practise Analysis


    I'm getting daily alerts from my SBS server regarding a DNS A record:

    "DNS A resource record point to incorrect IP address
    The host (A) resource record points to the incorrect IP Address The record should point to"

    My SBS box is

    Anyone got any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: SBS 2008 Best Practise Analysis

    Modify the relevant DNS record? Looks like at present it points to an invalid IP address. A Valid IPv4 address is of the format x.x.x.x where 0 < x < 255

    DNS records are usually updated automatically when an address is assigned through DHCP. As your server has a static address though rather than using DHCP, this doesn't happen.
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      Re: SBS 2008 Best Practise Analysis


      Thanks for your suggestion, I took a look into the DNS 'A' records and there was no mention of so I looked into the DHCP settings. was linked to the RRAS service. All were standard 4 octet addresses.

      I currently have VPN running. Next I disabled VPN through the SBS console under Connectivity, re-ran the BPA and it was all clear.

      Next I re-ran the VPN wizard to see if the mysterious record came back. The only warning on the wizard was that I should open ports manually. No sign of the mysterious record.

      Next step I took was to connect a Vista SP1 VPN client - "Hello" my strange DNS record appears again according to BPA.

      Anyone getting the same thing?



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        Re: SBS 2008 Best Practise Analysis


        I am getting exactly the same problem. If i disable RRAS it gets rid of the error - renabling RRAS and connecting via the VPN brings it back.

        If I find anything I will post back here.