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sending email from exchange to pop account on their mobile

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  • sending email from exchange to pop account on their mobile


    Need some advice.

    ive setup a SBS2003 server a small business with 4 users. all is well except the boss uses his nokia to access his email via a pop account on the phone.

    Can the following be done and if so how?

    he wants to access his email from his mobile phone using a pop account. in other words his messages need to be forwarded to him from his mailbox on the server to a pop account so he can access them on the mobile.

    any ideas?

    any advice would be appreciated.

    Peter Elliott

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    Hi Peter,

    Since you are running SBS I am presuming you are running exchange. If so then this is very simple.

    First create a contact for your Boss, in here specify the external account to forward mail to. Then go into the user properties in AD users and computers, (on a machine with Exch Sys manager installed). Goto Exchange General Tab, then Delivery Options.

    Click modify and choose the contact you just created and tick deliver to both.

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      Thanks Topper.

      I had done once before about 14 months ago and had forgotten how to do it but u sure help me casue its working now!

      Thanks again.

      Peter Elliott