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  • rdp prompted for password

    when i rdp from vista pc to sbs 2008 server i am prompted for password every time even though have selected to remember password. can rdp to sbs 2003 server with saved password?

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    Re: rdp prompted for password

    Originally posted by Josh 2009 View Post
    can rdp to sbs 2003 server with saved password?
    Is that a question or a statement - are you saying that works, or asking if it works for others?

    Can you RDP to any OS from Vista with a saved password? The problem may lie with the client you're using rather than the server you are connecting to.
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      Re: rdp prompted for password

      it is a question.

      Why does my vista rdp not rememebr password when connecting to sbs 2008.

      the sane vista client remembers the password when rdp to sbs 2003.