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Scan to folder and sbs 2008

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  • Scan to folder and sbs 2008

    Hi chaps,

    Since upgrading to SBS 2008 from SBS 2003, none of our scanning devices are able to scan to a network share. We use mainly HP and Dell MFPs, each supports Scan to Folder, a feature which we can't live without.

    When you scan on either an HP or Dell unit to a network share on the SBS 2008 box you instantly get an error that ultimately means incorrect username/password. The wording various on each brand and model of box.

    We've checked the permissions, the username and passwords, even disabled SMB2 on the server. We can scan to Windows Server 2008 servers, just not our SBS 2008 server.

    Anyone else seen this ?


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    Re: Scan to folder and sbs 2008

    Are you using the same user account information to scan to the 2008 server? Is it a domain user account or a local account on that server?

    Do your devices support FTP?
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      Re: Scan to folder and sbs 2008

      We've tried domain accounts, both existing and new ones jsut for the job. I've tried my own account in there. We've tried it as "domain\username" and just "username". We've tried entering the server as \\IP-ADDRESS\SHARE and also \\server.domain\share.

      On any other server we can use a local or domain account and it works fine, but on the SBS one it just fails with incorrect username/password.

      If we specify a non-existant share name we get a clear error that says the share can't be found, so it looks like its finding the server and the share, but can't log on.

      Are there any other new changes/protocols in SBS2008 that may affect non-vista/xp logons other than SMB2 ?