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Migrating from NT4 to SBS2003

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  • Migrating from NT4 to SBS2003

    Hi All!
    We have purchased SBS2003 and need to get it up and running on our existing network.

    Existing network (NT4 Domain):
    NT4 PDC with NT4 BDC
    We run MSMail internally and access Internet e-mail from a server external to our network.
    We run quite a few locally "developed" database apps which make use of UNC paths to the above PDC and/or BDC.

    I have no previous experience with SBS2003 and has, as yet, not installed the OS to the new hardware we purchased. I need to ensure I tackle this procedure correctly, thus the questions follow:

    - I would prefer retaining the current Domain name. Is it possible to "integrate" the new SBS2003 server into the existing NT4 Domain and let it "take over" as PDC without disrupting the daily business?
    - If the above is possible, will SBS2003 convert the current users, etc to SBS2003 automatically?
    - Is it possible to have the "old" NT4 servers remain as members of the domain to act as File and Print Servers?
    - Is there possibly a step-by-step procedure sheet available for what I need to do here?

    Your assistance and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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    migration to sbs2003

    try this webcast
    or this document from microsoft

    Good Luck

    Good Luck


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      I can help you very much with this using a technique called Swing Migration. This was obtained from partially from my measly contributions. It works for regular servers also and not just SBS as long as it is a single domain.

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