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Server 2k to SBS 2003 migration - Questions!?

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  • Server 2k to SBS 2003 migration - Questions!?

    Hello all,

    I'm about to start a Server 2000 to SBS 2003 migration and I have some questions. I have been reading the official MS document on the subject (

    However I have a few questions.

    First, I have two servers to migrate. I'm aiming on targeting the DC that is running Exchange as my source, as it just seems like the right idea. Anyone have any experience migrating multiple (2) servers into one SBS server?

    Second, what happens to the clients? During the process you go to a new domain. There doesnt appear to be any client side configuration as far as changing the domain is concerned. The workstation accounts are migrated to the new domain, but does some magic occur on the workstations to enlighten them that they can login to a new domain? The document basically says to make sure the clients log on to the correct domain, but how does that happen?

    Thanks to anyone who can help!!

    PS - We do have SBS 2008, but it turns out one of our key applications does not support it yet. So we have to wait until it does, yet our 2k servers are physically dying

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    Re: Server 2k to SBS 2003 migration - Questions!?

    Hi there,

    You should check the Web site of Jeff Middleton. I used his method for every migration that I made and it has always operated without problems.

    Good luck! (hope I'm hot too late)