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ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

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  • ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

    I have installed ISA Server 2004 on my SBS 2003 server which is also
    my domain controller with exchange server installed. After finishing
    installation and restart of the server, my other computers on the
    network lost connection with the server. All the shared drives and
    shared short cuts stops working. machines start taking lot of time to
    loggon. I have to uninstall the ISA Server 2004 from the server and
    every thing start working normal.

    Could some body advice me what I have dont wrong. what should be the
    steps to follow to implement ISA Server on sbs 2003 premium edition.

    My SBS 2003 is DC with exchanger server and dial in vpn server. We also use remote workplace. I have 2 nic cards installed one to lan and other to my cisco router. I have static Ip address for internet.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon.

    Mnay thanks


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    Re: ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

    Vikram, welcome to the site, but please read the forum rules before posting again. In future, please do not double post, and please do not post questions in inappropriate forums.
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      Re: ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

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      Added info:
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        Re: ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

        Vikram, have you run the Wizards to get it all connecting or have you tried to do it manually?
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          Re: ISA Server on SBS 2003 premium edition

          Hi Guys,

          Sorry for the late reply just came bnack from my holidays.. I have tried to run the setup of ISA Server again but I keep on facing problems first I stuck at web certificate issue, we dont have any web server or anything like that and & I keep on running the CEICW wizard again and again it pass every thing except for web cerificate. After installation is done with web server cerificate problem, none of my local clients (means other computers on the network access anything on the server nither they get IP address from DHCP server which is also my SBS domain) I try to get into the ISA Managemet (I cant remeber) but some where it says no domain present.

          I useing wizard but nothing is happening. Please guys I need your expert help on this.

          Hope to hear from you soon.

          You can email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

          many thanks