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User rigths on connected computers ?

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  • User rigths on connected computers ?


    i've got a SBS2003 running with XP clients. I noticed the users have limited rigths once logged in. For instance they are not able to install local printers or install additional software.

    I've been looking in the group policies but i cannot find any setting to influence this.

    How can i give users more rigths to install local printers and addtional software ??

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: User rigths on connected computers ?

    You could make them domain admins or domain power users, but I (and probably several others) would strongly recommend against that. Instead you could make them local power users or administrators on the machines. Use Restricted Groups in Group Policy to do this.

    Keep in mind though that there's a reason why the default is for users not to be allowed to do these things. Before granting your users any additional priviliges, ensure that they are trained in what is and is not acceptable, that this is backed up by company policy, and that your users can be trusted with these priviliges.

    Take software installation for instance. Why would you want your users to be able to install software? Do you not have IT staff on site? Compliance could become a major problem if users are allowed to install software themselves.
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