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Issue connecting to server while on 3rd party VPN

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  • Issue connecting to server while on 3rd party VPN

    Our set-up: SBS 2003 Server R2 with ISA2004 Firewall; all latest patches and service packs installed.

    I have a laptop in my network that is on a separate Domain for a different company. This system is also connected with our Exchange e-mail via IMAP. This all works perfectly most of the time. He can connect to his IMAP account when he's at this other company's office, or on the road, and while in our office NOT on the VPN.

    When he's in our office, this computer sometimes connects to the "other domain" via SonicWall VPN. The issue I'm running into is this: Once he's connected to the VPN, he can't connect to OWA, RWW, or his IMAP e-mail. All other websites work and his IMAP AOL account works, so it's not an internet connectivity issue. But, the above 3 items give an error saying the server can't be found. However, while on the VPN, he CAN access our local network drive and ping the server.

    Seems to me there is either a DNS issue, or possibly something about our ISA firewall does not like it when he's connected to the VPN?

    I did notice a couple interesting things in the ISA firewall log, I'm not sure they're relevant.
    When doing a Send/Receive in his IMAP account, I get the following:
    Protocol IMAPS, Desination Port 993, Source [Internal IP of Laptop] Destination: External
    A connection was abortively closed after one of the peers sent a RST segment (0x80074e21 FW_E_ABORTIVE_SHUTDOWN)

    Also, when I try to go to the OWA website, it has a series of HTTPS protocol, Port 443 entries which are fine. But, then it has an interesting one. Source: External and Destination: Local Host. The client IP is the external IP of the server. It says, "A non-SYN packet was dropped because it was sent by a source that does not have an established connection with the ISA Server computer."

    Any suggestions on what is going on here?