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Security Permission in Win2k3 over the network

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  • Security Permission in Win2k3 over the network


    I need to configure a folder on a Network that will contain some documents. I want to configure that folder in such a way that no one can copy file from that folder to his/her desktop, but they can read the document.

    One more thing is that this folder is inside the shared folder.

    Please help me out of this.

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    Re: Security Permission in Win2k3 over the network

    There is no way to do that natively in Windows, and I highly doubt that there is any way to enforce that with third party tools. A copy operation simply reads the file and writes it somewhere else. If you specifically don't want it to be copied to the Desktop, then write protect the Desktop. If the Desktop was just an example on the other hand...

    Presumably disabling Copy at the system level would be a major inconvenience to your users... plus I'm also not sure if that is even possible anyway.

    Out of interest, why do you want to do this?
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