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SBS console "no such object on server" error

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  • SBS console "no such object on server" error

    Hi all

    This is my first post, but I have been a reader for a while and appreciate all the help I have received thusfar from these forums.

    I am in a new job where I am administering a Windows Small Busness Server 2008, and when in the console, and I want to change user attributes by double clicking on a username in Users and Groups, a popup comes up saying "there is no such object on the server". I have read various topics about SBS users and having to change the AD msSBSCreationState attribute by changing the user role, but to no avail, and to boot, I cannot even find that attribute in Active Directory.

    I tried adding a test user in the SBS console, but when it comes to creating the user, I get the error "unable to add a new user account - ensure that the Active Directory Domain Services service is running". I have checked, and the service is running fine.

    I have received this server from someone who has since left, but I am led to believe there were some new Operational Units created in Active Directory and users dragged into them, around the time this happened.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

    I think that's where your problem might be, the users were created and then moved, if you create a new user does it still display the problem?

    Are the original folders in AD still there?

    I will be installing SBS 2008 next week in house so I can look at it a bit more.



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      Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

      Thanks Andy.

      No, the original folders in AD aren't there anymore, and I can't add any new users in SBS console at all, it gives the aforementioned error, but the service is definitely started.

      I created a new user in AD, and it wasn't showing in the SBS console, which I believe to be normal, so I did the "change user role", after which it was showing in the console, but still, when I double click on it it gives the "no such object on server" error.



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        Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

        Hi Gustav, I've just installed SBS 2008 in our office, here is the default layout to ADUC

        Might be worth recreating the original ADUC structure (obviously leaving the existing stuff as it is) and see if that fixes the errors

        The only other thing I could think of would be to start a fresh, backup all important data, certficates etc and install SBS again


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          Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

          Thanks for the reply, but I really don't want to reinstall SBS, since I was not the one who installed it, and haven't done it before. I'm afraid that it'll do more harm than good, and since things seem to be working okayish, Imight let sleeping dogs lie. I'd have loved to be able to play with SBS console though, it looks really nice. How do you find it?


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            Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

            Practice installing it in a lab setting. Just make sure that the lab isn't on the same network as the production environment - if your server detects another SBS on the network they will both shut themselves down. Also, best not to activate the copy in your lab setting. Not much point anyway, seeing as you'd be flattening it pretty soon after you finish the install.

            Windows server oroducts have come a long way in the last few years, and if you're prepared to do a bit of background reading (Daniel's articles are very well written) then it's surprisingly easy to install and configure them. SBS in particular - use the wizards to do pretty much everything.
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              Re: SBS console "no such object on server" error

              One point. If you decide to install SBS 2008 in a virtual environment, you will need 4GB plus RAM for the host O/S. So if XP is the Host, 4GB plus 256MB. SBS2008 will NOT install with less than 4GB RAM available.
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