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sbs 2003 to 2008 mail import

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  • sbs 2003 to 2008 mail import

    hello all, I have an existing 2003 sbs server with exchange running I have since installed 2008 and did not go through the migration process, and now I am looking for away to get some mailboxes (maybe 4) from the old server to the new one. some things that i have considered are just changing the users to a pop account and allowing them to make a pst file fo there emails and then importing those emails into exchange on the new box. Anyways I am just looking for feedback in case some one has a better way or maybe a reason why that will not work.

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    Re: sbs 2003 to 2008 mail import

    Presumably then you are running Exchange on the new server. What version? Is the new server a DC in the same domain?
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      Re: sbs 2003 to 2008 mail import

      If Exchange is still running you can use ExMerge.
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        Re: sbs 2003 to 2008 mail import

        Just to add to g00ner's comment. You can use ExMerge to get the mail into PST files then use import-mailbox with Exchange 2007

        Assuming indeed that you have Exchange 2007

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