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wsus 3.0 - not showing any updates

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  • wsus 3.0 - not showing any updates

    I've had wsus 3.0 installed now for some time, and it has become blatantly obvious that it is not picking up any new updates. I have not got a single one to approve/deny since the day I installed it over the previous release. The installation seems to have gone OK. Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this?

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    Re: wsus 3.0 - not showing any updates

    syncronise it with microsoft
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      Re: wsus 3.0 - not showing any updates

      Presumably it's been a decent length of time since the upgrade...

      Are your workstations all correctly registered in WSUS?

      Check that the products you're using are ticked under Options > Products and Classifications.

      Check the settings under Options > Automatic Approvals - maybe you're not being asked to approve anything because everything is being approved silently.

      Check the synchronisation schedule under Options > Synchronization Schedule - is it set to automatic or manual? Also check under Options > Update Source and Proxy Server to see if WSUS is looking to Microsoft or another WSUS server.

      Any errors from WSUS in the event logs on the server?
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