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active directory with sbs?

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  • active directory with sbs?

    hi everyone
    i have a big big problam
    i have a domain which is based on a SBS2003 and 2 more servers connected to it (one dc and one member server)
    it's not a situatio i created but was passed to me by the former it company who handeld the customer....
    my prbolam is 1st off all that the sbs is an old server, unrelible.
    another problam is after a power problam (הפסקת חשמל) the SBS stays turned off, and the 2 other servers dont load properly and i have to restart the system manually
    what can i do to get rid of the dependency on the sbs?
    reinstalling the whole system is an option but really a last resort.
    thanks in advance
    danny hecker

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    Re: active directory with sbs?

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      Re: active directory with sbs?

      If the server stays off after a power cut there may be an option in the bios to get it to boot. Do you have a UPS as this should at least shut it down gracefully.

      SBS has to stay the primary server but you could look at

      Also 2008 is a good option to look at.

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