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The Server locks up, usually overnight

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  • The Server locks up, usually overnight

    has anyone got anymore information regarding this problem? (Apograph is refering to this thread. )

    I have a similar problem with SBS 2003 and am currently trying different things to resolve the issue - much to my clients frustration !

    I'm using a TYAN Toledo Motherboard with a Quad Core CPU, 2GB Unbuffered Memory, 2 x 160GB SATA Disks (OS on one, Exchange DB's on other), HP DAT 72 Tape Drive (USB Internal).

    The Server locks up, usually overnight - possible around the same time the Backup operates, and never all the time. Nothing is written in the Event Log so no clues.

    SBS SP 1 has been installed, Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 installed and all the latest Updates, Patches have been run.

    I've ran Exchange Best Practice tool, and SBS Best practice tool and done all the necessary changes.

    Any ideas ?

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