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Rebuilding SBS 2003 Premium server.

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  • Rebuilding SBS 2003 Premium server.


    We had a little issue with a server hosting SBS 2003 Premium. The motherboard failed and after changing it to the same motherboard, the RAID configuration didn't follow. The SBS is now running on a single disk which isn't fault tolerant

    In the meantime, we brought a new server up and added as a DC to have AD fault tolerant. We also moved everything production wise to this server (files, BD, etc.). The SBS machine is now just, a SBS machine. It acts as shema master and nothing else. Exchange isn't even being used.

    So, i had an idea to be able to rebuild the RAID on the machine. Basically, i was thinking of transfering FSMO roles on the new DC ( I know SBS can't live without FSMO roles). Bringing down the SBS and then forcing the transfert of FSMO role. Then, rebuild the SBS machine from scratch without creating a new domain and retransfering the roles to it. Would it be possible ? Is it possible to add a SBS machine as second DC ?

    I also tought about ghosting the SBS, creating the array and puting back the ghost. It looks quite simple but i always had problems with ghost not booting. I also tought about backing up everything (with Windows Backup) and rebuilding the machine from scratch, then restoring the backup.

    Anyone ever been in such situation ? Ideas ?

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    Re: Rebuilding SBS 2003 Premium server.

    Originally posted by trep View Post
    Is it possible to add a SBS machine as second DC?
    I don't believe so. However, suppose the SBS server failed and had to be recovered from a backup, it must be possible to restore it as the primary DC.
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      Re: Rebuilding SBS 2003 Premium server.

      I know it's not possible to have a SBS as second DC. but maybe adding it as a DC of an existing domain and then transfering all FSMO roles.

      My main concern with restoring from a backup is AD integrity. I fear that USN might not be the same on both server after restauration and AD corruption might occur. I'm far from being an expert regarding AD corruption, but it's just something i think could happen.

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