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SBS 2003 Cert issues for Entourage (Office MAC aka Outlook for MAC) 2004-2008

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  • SBS 2003 Cert issues for Entourage (Office MAC aka Outlook for MAC) 2004-2008

    Hope this the the right place for this Topic.
    I'm a Sys Admin/IT for many SMBs, one of my client is experiencing a cert problem on MAC stations (about 20), it was working fine for 3-4 years until I have recreated one through the Internet Connection Wizard, so PDA's could work fine, The PDA's work fine now but the Entourage Clients get errors (all of them).
    The problem talks about untrusted root certificate, this link shows all windows I get, this topic talks about SSL, this is not what I want, found many other articles about configuring the Entourage the right way, still no luck, the problem is that it wouldn't want to connect, always asks for a password, tried to put IPs, FQDNs, UNC names, Pre Win2000 Domain names, nothing...
    I have no idea why it asks for a certificate, the is an LDAP line saying either I want to use SSL or NOT. All the articles I have found talking about unchecking the SSL so there would be no secure connection, that what I want, it is for LAN usage only. I do not want to spend hours to install on each client a certificate, and the client do not want to purchase one when the Client knows that it has already worked.
    Have all the MAC versions here (10+), all Entourage Versions (2004 or 2008 with all kind of updates), none of them are working.
    Tried to issue the Certificate in CA MMC, no luck either.
    There must be a way to work with Entourage without assigning a cert.
    Hope someone will help with this one, 'cause there a many forums, but all of them talking about importing the cert manually.