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    Hi, new to this site so hello to everyone and hope I get everything right. I am fairly new to this area so please bear with me if some of the things i ask seem very un-technical, I basically fell into this current role as i was more interested in computers than anyone else and now have responsability for the server, network etc. I am picking things up as i go along (steep learning curve) and reading plenty from the internet. Anyway my first question relates to routing and remote access, running on SBS 2003. It used to work fine when everything was first set up, however it doesn't any more, the server indicates it is:

    Routing and Remote Access Is Configured on This Server
    This server has already been configured using the Routing and Remote Access Server Setup Wizard. To make changes to the current configuration, select an item in the console tree, and then on the Action menu, click Properties.
    For more information about setting up a Routing and Remote Access, deployment scenarios, and troubleshooting, see Routing and Remote Access Help.

    So currently unsure of where else to look or what else could be causing the problem. We have a cisco 877 router which we replaced about 12 months ago, not sure if this could be the problem as the previous one failed and all settings on that were lost. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks Andrew.

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    Re: Routing and Remote Access

    If you replaced the router, try re-running the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (aka CEICW) to see if that initially corrects things. Seek help if you are not sure what the questions are asking you.....

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