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Importing printers using Microsoft Print Management

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  • Importing printers using Microsoft Print Management

    According to this Petri article,
    You arenít just limited to migrating your printers to a Windows Server 2008 print server.
    , but I simply do not see any way to "import" printers using Print Management in Windows Server 2003 R2.

    I did find a useful technet article that explains the use of the Printbrm tool, that is available in Windows 2008 and Vista ONLY. This did the trick for me (using a Vista box), so I wanted to let other's know, but also that article could use a little tweaking to include this information.

    I also found another tool, called "Print Migrator 3.1", but I didn't realy mess with that at all as it does seem to function differently.

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me and explain how to import printers in Windows 2003 using the Print Management Console. That would be helpful, thanks!

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    Re: Importing printers using Microsoft Print Management

    Is this SBS 2003 R2 print management or plain vanilla Windows Server 2003 R2? Check you are in the correct forum, please.

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