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SBS 2003 as multi domain.

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  • SBS 2003 as multi domain.

    I would first like to say hello to all members.

    My question is can SBS2003 have multiple Active Directory Domains and therefore have multiple Exchange Domains?

    My aim is:
    I am running several business from the same premises and would like to setup multi domains for each business. This way i can have seperate mail for each business rather than adding the domain in the recipient policy. When adding the domain in the recipient policy it bundles the emails into one mail box. I want seperate mail boxes for each domain.

    Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: SBS 2003 as multi domain.

    Exchange is forest wide not domain wide so it wouldn't matter how many domains you had. SBS isn't designed for that anyway.
    You can setup as many email domains as you want and then setup individual mailboxes that only collect from one of those domains but users will still log onto the same active directory.
    If you want to keep things "separate" for legal reasons then you need separate AD's.
    Assuming I understood your question of course!

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      Re: SBS 2003 as multi domain.

      Thanks for your reply, i will see what i can do.


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        Re: SBS 2003 as multi domain.

        One: there is no direct correlation between AD domains and Exchange Domains
        Two: We need more info about what you are trying to do; are you trying to keep one user with 3 diferent mailboxes or are there 3 separate organisations each with its own workforce, are a mixtiure of the two? Each situation has a different possibilty.
        Please give details.

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