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  • SBS backup best practice

    Anyone know where I can find a guide to backup SBS according to best practice? I need to setup a backup that runs a full backup daily onto external hard disks and I want to work out how many disks I need and how I should configure it.

    Anyone know where I should start looking?

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    Re: SBS backup best practice

    UTFW - In Server Management/Backup read the Help then use the Wizard. Use as many disks as you need or think suitable. So that there is always at leat one backup off-site at any given time.

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      Re: SBS backup best practice

      As soon as I ran through the wizard I realised how easy it is. This isn't like 2003 Server at all. I decided to go with 3 disks and save multiple backups to the same disks.


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        Re: SBS backup best practice

        Try here:

        This should be a good place to start.