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Logging onto owa crashes exchange store

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  • Logging onto owa crashes exchange store

    Hi All,

    I have a sbs2003 r2/sp2 with exchange fully patched.
    I have a NEW situation where logging into owa crashes store.exe with event Id of 1000, faulty application store.exe. I can reproduce this nearly every time.

    Personally I think it's with IIS.
    OWA comes up shows all it should and when clicking on an email and it opens another IE popup but says http 400 - Request is badly formed. This for SOME emails not all as some popups display the entire email.

    I have tried hot fixes, eseutil, isutil and suggestions from other forums. Now I'm stuck any Ideas?


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    Re: Logging onto owa crashes exchange store

    I had the same problem recently and, after 4 hours with MS PSS, the problem was solved by applying (or reapplying in my case) KB950159. Might want to give this a try if you are still having problems.


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      Re: Logging onto owa crashes exchange store

      Thanks for the info Deda.
      Boogsman, let us know how you get on.
      It would be interesting to know a bit more about the background too. Anything changed recently, anything else in the logs, is the was store good when you ran ese etc
      Did you repair the database? This can be quite harmful.
      Do you have good backups of it?

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        Re: Logging onto owa crashes exchange store

        Also, you say this is for some emails. Is it always the same email?
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