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Some emails can not be delivered

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  • Some emails can not be delivered


    Originally when we installed our SBS 2003 I used a none registered domain “e.g. george.local” to configure the server. The exchange server just used to send emails between the office employees (around 15 people all together).
    Later on it was decided that we buy our own domain and open up our exchange server to send and receive the emails to/from outside our network. I used the How do I configure my Exchange 2000/2003 server to accept e-mails for domains other than my own?from this site to add the registered domain “e.g.” to the SMTP under Exchange.</SPAN>
    Since then everything is working great and almost 98% off emails initiated from our network is delivered successfully. For other 2% I get the following error when the email is sent under [email protected]:
    “There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
    <server.GEORGE.local #5.5.0 smtp;550- blocked by ldapu=rblmx,dc=att,dc=net>”
    I assume this error cause by the recipient server checking to see if the sending server has the same domain as sender to prevent SPAM.

    My question is: how can I fix this problem? I was thinking to use “domainrename” utility to change the server domain. But I am not sure if this is the right approach..
    I have only one server for all applications (file server, DNS, exchange and etc.)
    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Some emails can not be delivered

    Have a read of this and see if it helps.
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      Re: Some emails can not be delivered

      Thanks biggles77. I already read that article and that was the way the I configured my exchange server to accept the mail from other domain.

      Now the problem is that some servers check the my server domain (original domain=george.local) versus the sender domain (new and since they do not match, they do not accept the emails.

      how can I fix this problem?

      Thanks again,



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        Re: Some emails can not be delivered

        It looks to me like AT&T is blocking messages as potential spam. Are you sending to a AT&T/yahoo related account?

        I don't think it's domain name related.

        There is quite allot on the net at the moment about AT&T's very aggressive spam filtering.

        Might be worth looking at this too


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          Re: Some emails can not be delivered

          Run the Server Management application and go to Intenet and E-mail
          Run 'Repair Internet and E-mail Settings'

          Enter no to configure router if asked
          Accept defaults and press next
          No for showing information about firewall
          At the Web Server Certificate, I use my MX record that was created at the site hosting my DNS. It should be something like
          Create a new certificate if required

          When you get to E-mail Domain Name, this is likely where the problem is. If it says mydomain.local here, change it to and you should be good to go.
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            Re: Some emails can not be delivered

            Thanks RobW

            In other words UTFW (Use The F! Wizard)

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              Re: Some emails can not be delivered

              Thank you all for your great suggestions.

              I changed the FQDN record on my server and also fixed the DNS for reverse look-up and the problem has been resolved.

              Thanks again for your support.



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                Re: Some emails can not be delivered

                silver4, what exactly did you end up doing to fix your issue? I have a customer that had their server setup as company.local and now are using their exchange server to route their godaddy hosted domain "" ALL they seem to have problems sending to is att and bellsouth domains. So your process would be greatly appreciated.