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SBS 2k3 monthly maintenance check

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  • SBS 2k3 monthly maintenance check

    Hi. What would you suggest to check on a monthly basis? It's like a routing that we do for our customers, 80% of them are using SBS 2003.
    I started with these:

    1. Backup check
    2. Eventlog analyse & archive -> problems found will be fixed
    3. dcdiag
    4. UPS
    5. Updates -> restart if needed
    6. Antivirus scan
    7. Malware scan
    8. Mail activity, Spam filters, Queue
    9. Exchange database integrity, activity, health
    10. Monitor disk usage
    11. Monitor memory usage
    12. Defragment disk

    Any Ideas, Hints, recommandation please?

    cheers ,

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    Re: SBS 2k3 monthly maintenance check

    Backups should be checked daily but you seem to have plenty there.
    I found it good to ask users what caused them the main issues during a month as well, this gave insights into other things that could be going wrong too.

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      Re: SBS 2k3 monthly maintenance check

      Your daily/weekly/monthly checks should be built up over time based on your experience of that individual setup and your customer's needs. For instance, if you regularly get a system failure which is caused by a disk becoming full, you should regularly check the space available on the disk and clean it out when rquired.

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        Re: SBS 2k3 monthly maintenance check

        If you use the Monitoring Report in the server manager console, you can get a daily report in your inbox every morning at 6 o'clock. For example, on every SBS I have ever touched, I create a distribution list called "alerts", whose members are administrator, myself, the business owner or designated personael, if he wants and sometimes an Exchange Public Folder. That way I get to see the health of the system every morning - not once a month.
        Another case of UTFW .
        BTW the defaults of the monitoring are pretty close to what you specify.

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