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Renaming a domain mapped share

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  • Renaming a domain mapped share

    Hi there.

    i have just taken over a domain in my new job.
    The old guy has setup a few shares that are auto mapped at logon using the logon scripts.

    However he has nicknamed these shares and i would like to remove them.

    example is showing in My Computer on all machines:

    datastorage on ' "theslowserver" (myserver)' (Q: )

    Now i would like to remove "theslowserver" as i find this completely unnecessary.

    I have taken that out of the description on the DC, disconnected mapped drive, looged off and back on my machine to test but it still remaps from the logon script containing "theslowserver"

    how can i reove this accross my domain please so all machines will map to

    datastorage on 'myserver' (Q: )

    Many thanks in advance for any help given.
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